A Vets Recovery From PTSD symptoms. Effective Military Vets Life Coach

This is the story of Bob S. and his wife Michelle. After a harrowing journey, Bob has recovered from symptoms of PTSD which are commonly experienced by military Veterans. Bob and Michelle now give back by coaching vets and others who need help turning their life around. To stay plugged in to veterans ptsd coaching news and recovery topics, please Sign Up for our newsletter below.

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Dealing with PTSD or addiction can be overwhelming for both the suffering individual and their family. Get professional Tricare Inpatient Care, treatment advice, and make the next step towards a healthier you!

Vet goes from PTSD victim to Veterans life coach with help!

A former LAPD office and Military Veteran Recovers from PTSD through effective ptsd help and care

Former LAPD and Veteran develops PTSD after horrifying trials

Bob is a former 15 year LAPD veteran and worked overseas working high threat security close protection in Kosovo and Iraq.  In 2005, he sustained a significant life-threatening injury from a roadside bomb.  After he recovered, he returned to deploy three more times.

During his first deployment into Iraq 2004, within two and a half years, six of his teammates were killed.

Upon returning from active duty, military vets with Tricare may need inpatient PTSD treatment

Upon returning from active duty, veterans may suffer from shock or PTSD symptoms

Upon returning home for good, Bob experienced, the difficulties of managing life again back home.  He has endured the side affects of PTSD.  Over time, he got the help he needed to overcome the things that could take an individual down.  

Common symptoms of PTSD veterans experience Include:

-Night Terrors


-Repressed memory restimulation

-Fear, Anxiety and self doubt

-Problems fitting in to society


Vet recovers from PTSD and enjoys life again. With family support and proper inpatient ptsd help!

Bob goes from Suffering with PTSD to helping others recover!

Now, Bob and his wife, Michelle, are helping others as Life Coaches to help people achieve their goals and heal. Bob takes a special interest in helping vets with PTSD or dependency issues get healthy again!

How Life coaching can Help vets recover from PTSD and more!

A veteran and is wife, after defeating PTSD and post-deployment symptoms, give back to help others.

A family who understands the trials faced by many in the fields of law enforcment and military.

Michelle has been with Bob for 27 years.  She has endured raising a family, mixed family (via a second marriage), and raising a total of 7 kids.  Michelle has experienced law enforcement and overseas deployment life, as well as the long-distance relationship.  She also had to deal with the effects of depression, anxiety, and everything deployment life has to offer. Michelle understands the importance of connection, she is a terrific life coach to both men and women.  Her astute insights and experiences can certainly help anyone who wants the help.

It is hard for a veteran to return home and overcome things witnesses in active duty. Help is here.

Together Bob and Michelle are making a real positive impact in helping vets with PTSD integrate back into life after active duty

When a veteran returns home from active duty, culture shock is often a symptom they experience. Going from an intense lifestyle overseas, where one's life is on the line, and importance of duty is paramount, to sitting at home injured or unemployed can be a major shock. Having the help and support from a Veterans PTSD Coach like Bob, or a life coach such as Michelle, can help any suffering veteran, or law enforcement officer, find relief and peace in recovering.

Inpatient PTSD rehab covered by Tricare can help with adjusting to life after deployment. Recover!

Effective Tricare Inpatient PTSD Rehab

For Vets who are too far gone to recover at home, for those needing licensed inpatient support and medical care, it is not easy to find treatment covered without high out of pocket costs. Tricare Drug Rehabs offer options to Tricare members including Effective Inpatient PTSD Rehab, as well as Tricare Opioid Rehab for those wanting to eliminate dependence to pain medications. Real Help is available for Veterans who are suffering. We are just a phone call away!

24/7 Hotline for Vets  949-386-2387

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- Military Vets Life Coach

- Post Deployment PTSD Help

- Effective PTSD Help for Vets

- Best Coach for Vets with PTSD

Veterans Life Coach Testimonials - Success with Vets PTSD

From a former Marine Scout Sniper

Testimonial from a former marine sniper showing how veterans ptsd coach bob sabado helped him heal

Rapidly progressing from bad to what became the bottom for me; Bob, was the voice and hand that reached down an assisted and guided me on a winding road to recovery, self-understanding, and self-improvement.

Bob, helped me see and understand the issues causing my troubles, to take ownership of my problems, and provided me with tools to successfully deal with and tackle my problems. Bob, was very straightforward and spoke in terms that were easy to comprehend; which, was grand in my grasping the things I needed for healing during such a chaotic period of my life.

Want support in your recovery from PTSD or other post-deployment symptoms?

Need support in making a plan for ptsd recovery or opioid dependency? Contact our team today!

At Tricare Drug Rehabs we strive to provide real help and support to those who need it the most. We provide inpatient treatment help, veterans assistance, life coaching services and can even connect you with Bob and Michelle for a more hands on approach. Don't let life waste away, you are loved, and we CAN help!

Army Medic Endorsement

An Army Medic endorsement explaining how life coaching with bob helped him make better life choices

Bob has been instrumental in me turning my life around. Often it's so easy to recluse and try and avoid the world when life seems to be bogging you down at every turn, but having a legitimate "ear" from a seasoned guy who has been and seen many of the same things, helps to build that understanding. For many of my instances trying to figure out what triggered "things," Bob was able to have me relive that moment, pause, then analyze it critically showing me where I could have made better choices. From depression, anger management issues leading to chemical dependency I was using as a crutch to just "get by," Bob showed me hope isn't lost, I just hadn't reached up to grab it yet. The first step was reaching out to him, and it's been a great help to me on my journey of recovery NOW. I appreciate his "blunt-straight forward" approach to these issues. People like myself who have been in some bad places in the world don't want to feel "coddled" or that things need to be!

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