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Avoid Unecessary psych ward stays and psychiatric holds.

Don't wait for the symptoms to get out of hand, or try various combinations of psychiatric medications or drugs to self medicate. Let treatment experts who are trained and experienced in mental health and addiction services work with you to find balance

Get professional and licesned inpatient treatment using Tricare

Tricare Inpatient Mental Health programs are now available and accepting new patients. This means that Dual diagnosis patients can be treated. These Tricare dual diagnosis rehab and mental health facilities all accept Tricare and are sometimes fully covered by insurance. Contact us for Tricare dual diagnosis treatment

Prevent Overmedicating from happening

When you work with one of the Tricare mental health and dual diagnosis locations, professional and seasoned medical staff will guide you through your recovery. All programs are certified to work with Tricare to make their exceptional services available to members at little to no out of pocket cost

Get support from our Mental Health Advocates at 949-386-2387

For over a decade our team has assisted people with issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, ADHD, drug addiction, and many other behavioral problems. Our network of treatment facilities covers all the options and we also work with some highly successful treatment teams. To discover more about our options and what your Tricare policy will cover please call us today.

Dual Diagnosis success Stories

A full recovery from the crisis of dealing with Dual Diagnosis and any acute mental health symptom is possible. There are treatment centers offering holistic approaches to mental health. Attempting to manage medications rather than overprescribe them. Helping each patient to become in balance and begin an new healthy life.

Find Tricare Dual Diagnosis Treatment Today

Contact us by email or phone to begin the process. Since we have developed long term relationships with Tricare participating facilities we can help get fast approval. There is even assistance with travel for those who qualify. For any veteran or family who need support, we are here 24/7. Advice and Support hotline 949-386-2387