To qualify for Tricare Heroin Rehab Call 949-386-2387.

Tricare Drug Rehab OR Tricare Inpatient Mental Health center options. Assessment with a professional

Safe Medically Supervised Detox

Heroin Detox is dangerous and can cause many disturbing symptoms. In the past, Tricare would cover a 7-10 day drug rehab but now long term options are available. Before you Detox somewhere or on your own, contact us to see if you qualify for Tricare Drug rehab coverage.

Fully Covered Tricare Drug Rehab

In the past it was hard for a Tricare member to find a good long term heroin rehab. Most of the time Tricare would cover just a 7-10 day detox for heroin abusers. Heroin rehab is now available to Tricare members. 

FREE Consultation and coaching

Those who need to find a drug rehab quickly will need to go through various intake processes and insurance verifications by calling around locally. Tricare Drug Rehab offers a solutions. Our experts will match your insurance coverage to a facility that has immediate openings for Long Term Rehab. Detox is also covered.

Licensed and Accredited Inpatient Drug Rehabs

A 30 day rehab covered by Tricare is possible now with new openings at residential drug rehabs. These locations feature trained and certified teams of doctors and therapists who work with you to achieve long term sobriety from heroin.

We help you get connected

Our team has been helping others with substance abuse and addiction for over a decade. Finding Tricare heroin detox and rehab is not easy. Call us and we can review your coverage to see if you qualify for a long term Tricare Heroin Rehab. Tricare Inpatient Rehab Centers

Ask us about rehab scholarship programs

Tricare drug rehabs offers solutions to help everyone get the care they need. Assistance with rehab scholarships as well as travel assistance is available by calling our hotline.