Want to see what alcohol recovery with Tricare is like?

Successful programs offering long term alcohol rehab covered by Tricare can be seen giving real hope and encouragement to alcohol addicts. Don't lose hope, we know finding rehab fully covered by insurance is hard, and many families cant afford large out of pocket costs. Our Licensed and successful alcohol rehab locations accept insurance and can get rehab for alcohol, 30 day rehab or 90 day rehab fully covered!

Life can be hard at times, call our alcohol hotline for support anytime!

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Why Choose Tricare Drug Rehabs for your alcohol treatment?

Same day rehab approval

Get Help, answers, support and advice from licensed alcohol rehabs covered by Tricare. Insurance OK

When you need help for alcohol addiction, waiting lists, or long delays can be hard to handle. If you call us during business hours to find Alcohol rehab covered by insurance, we will have a result the same day!

We have programs in many locations and want to help you heal from alcohol abuse for good!

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We get alcohol rehab fully covered!

Dont overspend on alcohol rehab and detox. Our programs can save you thousands of dollars on rehab.

Whens the last time your doctor, or treatment needs, saved you money? Many other alcohol detox and rehab locations will charge large out of pocket fees. With Tricare Drug Rehabs, we accept all insurance and for most of our clients, there is little to no cost to start treatment today!

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You deserve the best alcohol treatment!

alcohol treatment and rehab covered by insurance is hard to find. We offer the best success recover

Years ago, if you wanted to attend a top alcohol rehab facility, the cost would be in the $20,000 per month range. Our rehab programs put in the effort to get licensed, accredited and can now accept all insurance even Tricare. 

If you have had a hard time finding coverage with insurance to attend a rehab, please contact us. We have real solutions and can get you into rehab today!

30-90 days inpatient alcohol rehab covered by Tricare.

Tricare Alcohol rehab provides the alcohol detox as well as a 30-90 day drug rehab. Professional.

For Daily Alcohol Abusers and Alcoholics

30-90 Day Alcohol rehabs are available. Fully covered by Tricare. These programs are first come first serve. If you need a Tricare Alcohol Rehab contact us. Alcohol detox and rehab with Tricare drug rehab. 

All inclusive Long term Alcohol rehab. 30-90 days inpatient. Covered by Tricare.

Achieve long term sobriety from alcohol with our Alcohol Detox and long term rehab!

By working with a licensed Alcohol rehab that accepts Tricare, you can be sure you are setting yourself up for a long term recovery. Going to a top alcohol rehab, gives one the best chance of success. Now that Tricare is available at more of the top inpatient rehabs, addicts can get a high level of care with Tricare Alcohol Rehab.

Get approved for alcohol rehab using Tricare fast!

One call to us can help you find a vacancy at a tricare alcohol rehab within under 24 hours. We are here to help 24/7. Dont delay your recovery, call now!

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Alcohol Detox Included

Most Tricare members are used to Tricare only covering a 7-10 day detox. Or some minimal behavioral health coverage. Now, Tricare will cover detox and up to 90 days rehab at a top inpatient center. See if you qualify.

Speak to Others who have been where you are

Dont go through an addiction crisis on your own. Professional substance abuse experts or ex military veterans with experience in PTSD are available to talk and help you. Free of charge. 

See if you Qualify

Best Alcohol Rehabs accepting Tricare (800) 952-7382

We will gather your Tricare insurance details, compare it at a handful of drug rehabs that take Tricare, and help you get approved for rehab today.

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